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The Landing

Casual vibe, but seriously legit food.

Our Story

Tucson natives Scott and Fini met as summer lifeguards in 1987. While proving to be opposites in demeanor, they found common ground on their tastes regarding straw hats, music, bottle openers and flip-flops.

The Landing is born of a collage of influences from the waterfront communities ranging from the Caribbean, the Florida Keys, Mexico and Southern California. It's a lifestyle footprint - or flip flop print - that we hope will be appreciated by others with similar affinities.

Scott's time spent on and underneath the water, have heavily influenced our firm commitment to purchasing our seafood exclusively from sustainably responsible fisheries. We also support the no-straws movement to help reduce the amount of plastic finding its way into our oceans. At The Landing, straws are available only on request, and those straws are fully compostable. Similarly, all of our to-go packaging is made of compostable materials.

We appreciate your interest in The Landing. Stay Casual.